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Vivaldi Browser for Linux is a free web-browser for Ubuntu, which comprises all the best ideas and solutions for modern surfing and browsing in a single app. The enormous quantity of handy options implemented into Vivaldi claims that the tool is one of the most successful software initiatives of middle 2010’s, and that is not a coincidence. If you want to download Vivaldi for Linux, use the link on this page to get the installation package.

Pros and cons of Vivaldi for Linux

Let’s figure out what makes the Vivaldi program so special and distinctive among the concurrent browsers:

  • Inclusive tab management. The unique customization and personalization mechanics provide you full control over how you group and display tabs in Vivaldi. The new Tab Stacks feature perfectly serves for multitab operations in a decluttered and organized way. Also you can view several tabs in split screen simultaneously thanks to Tab Tiling module, without a need to jump forth and back anymore. The Window Panel suggests an hierarchical overview of tabs and provides a way to manage and search your tabs directly from the sidebar. The Tab Hibernation component puts a single tab (or a group of them) to sleep until you need it.
  • Intuitive, logical and clear user interface. The variety of entirely customizable themes gives your browser an absolutely personal look. You can also attach any resources to your sidebar and rearrange them by the drag-n-drop method. In addition, you can even open an individual panel via custom shortcuts. Vivaldi interface can adapt to the color of the website you’re visiting, pick up its color and use it as an accent color. The precise position, form and location of Status Bar, Bookmarks Bar and Address Bar can be fully customized. The ultimate Reader View mode grants you with a bonus to read the content with adjustable color schemes and font size. The split-screen option is also quite helpful.
  • Full compliance with Chrome extensions available to download from the Chrome Web Store. As Vivaldi relies on the same Chromium engine, the assortment of Google add-ons is entirely available.
  • Fluent and transparent navigation. After you add shortcuts to a Speed Dial, you are a click away from your favorite and the most preferential resources. Functional, informative and visual history makes finding previously accessed sites as easy as a piece of cake and lets you dig deeper into the surfing behavior. You can associate your search engines with nicknames to use them on the fly. You can also add a custom default in order to search in Private windows. The Quick Commands menu is an essential component for executing any operation, searching or using any tab within Vivaldi. You can apply it to find and issue commands. At the same time, extensive Bookmarks manager keeps your tags and nicknames tidy and ordered.
  • Amicable interaction between user and environment. You can make a personal customization of any keyboard shortcut to get an instant access to particular place of the browser. Fully featured Mouse Gesture support enables to add your own custom gestures, edit the default ones and even adjust the sensitivity, which matches your browsing style.
  • Ultimate privacy and security abilities. The special Private Browsing keeps your private data secure without storing cookies, temporary files and websites you visit in Vivaldi. In addition, all your desktop and mobile devices are seamlessly synced and encrypted via end-to-end protocol with a password that never becomes public.
  • Embedded screenshot capturing, notes tool and image properties analyzer that make your life easier without referring to third-party apps.

Definitely, Vivaldi Browser is the most feature-rich app among the new browsers available today. Take a look at Vivaldi, download its Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or openSUSE version, and you won’t even think about switching to another Linux browser.

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Vivaldi Browser for Linux is available for free download without registration
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