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Vivaldi Browser for MacOS
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Vivaldi Browser for MacOS is a specially developed version of the world famous Vivaldi web browser. The application is known for its extremely user-friendly interface and tons of newest features for super fast browsing. The program won’t disappoint its new users, since it offers the best possible user experience. Download Vivaldi for Mac right now and get a handy and simple browser for surfing online using your machine. Both downloading and installation processes are likely to require just a few moments, so you will be able to begin using the tool in no time.

Vivaldi for Mac: the review of the basic features

Although there are plenty of more popular analogs, Vivaldi is now holding a significant niche on the browsers’ market. The program is gaining popularity with it easy design and convenience, attracting thousands of active users each day. If you are still not sure whether you would like to install the software on your device, just take a look at the list of excellent options offered by the application.

  • Amazing speed of loading. When it comes to comparing browser, the most important thing to discuss is their speed. This way, Vivaldi is ahead of the times. The program’s developers focused on making the tool as fast as possible. You will no longer need to wait for loading your favorite websites. Moreover, you can easily choose a search engine used by default in your browser to make your search even faster.
  • The highest level of privacy. Protecting the user’s privacy is a subject of concern for many software developers. Vivaldi offers the most reliable way for protecting your personal data, using end-to-end encryption during the synchronization of your devices. If you still worry about your data, feel free to use Private Windows. In this case, your history of visits, bookmarks and other information will not be saved. You should also know that Vivaldi doesn’t collect or store any personal data of its users.
  • Handy tab management designed for maximum convenience. The browser is ready to please its customers with plenty of innovations in using tabs. First, you can now view your tabs in split-screen, so you can easily view two and even more tabs at the same time. Second, the new feature called Tab Stacks allows you to group different tabs and get self-organized with almost no efforts. You can also manage your tabs from the sidebar and let some opened tabs hibernate (sleep) until you open them not to overload your browser.
  • Customizing your program. As any modern browser, Vivaldi offers plenty of opportunities for customization. Change the look and the vibe of your app with tons of various extensions and themes. The main page can be also updated with different colors and background images. The drag-and-drop feature will help you arrange your favorite websites in any order you choose. The browser has a really flexible interface that can be designed according to your preferences in just a few clicks. All the main menus, tools and options will be always accessible. Vivaldi also contains the Reader View feature that allows its users to read in a more comfortable way with the possibility to adjust color schemes and fonts of the web pages.
  • Bookmarks manager. If you often add bookmarks, this browser is right for you. The app has an advanced Bookmarks manager, where you can give nicknames to your favorite web sources as well as use tags. As for the browsing history, the utility has a new approach to its analytics. You will see your history in a visual and exceptionally informative way.

However, that’s not all about Vivaldi. It has lots of additional utilities for its fans. With an in-built capture tool, you can take screenshots of your screen on the fly. The Notes bar in your browser will help you to save all the needed information with no need to switch between the apps.

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